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Transparency International - Philippines: The Global Coalition Against Corruption. 


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The present Board of Directors, chaired by Gerry H. Villa, widow of founder Atty. Romulo Villa, categorically assures the victims of improved service delivery so that justice is instated and ultimately Peace will prevail. Below are some of the many concerns of CAV: 



Orient victims of crime on the criminal justice system.


Give coaching on possible scenarios and plan of action to ensure justice is served.

  Assist Victims in processing the Board of Claim, Human Rights and Witness Protection Program.
• Coordinate with law enforcement groups for proper handling of investigation so that appropriate charges are filed before the prosecutor.
• Collaborate with law enforcement agency on proper handling, storage and preservation of the evidence.
• Assist victims’ family during preliminary investigation and/or inquest to be conducted by Public Prosecutor to ensure appropriate charges are filed before the court.
• Make representation in behalf of victim/s with the Supreme Court to transfer venue of trial, if necessary
• Hold case conferences with lawyers/legal team to ensure successful legal strategies employed before in other cases are shared.
• Refer victims and families, particularly rape/sexual assault victims to Crisis Center for healing sessions.
• Refer victims and families, particularly rape/sexual assault victims to Crisis Center for healing sessions.
• In coordination with Crisis Center, prepare rape/sexual assault victims to counter being further traumatized during trials.
• Undertake court watch to ensure victim’s families are not harassed by perpetrators and cohorts and observe conduct of proper conduct of trial to avoid impartiality of presiding judge.
• Undertake jail watch to monitor if special treatments are given to accused.
• Coordinate with Solicitor General in the preparation of motions to be filed with the Appellate Courts.
• Monitor status of cases on appeal.
• Monitor pending cases in the Office of the President to be updated on the grant of executive clemency.
• File appropriate case against erring policemen, prosecutors, jail guards and judges.
• Network with GOs and other NGOs to raise awareness of community to help themselves prevent crimes and for the improvement of criminal justice system.
• Enjoin media practitioners to advocate social causes and to support reforms in the justice system.
• Create local chapters to bring CAV closer to the people.
• Improve delivery of Justice, coordinate with Congress for repeal amendment or enactment of laws.
• Undertake research studies to improve criminal justice system.